The Changing Nature of Recruiting and Influence of Technology

The Changing Nature of Recruiting and Influence of Technology

Technology has had, and continues to have, a profound effect on the business of recruiting.

The old days of submitting a CV, chatting with a recruiter and waiting for the job offers to come in, are less the norm now, and all but dead. Social and professional networking media are the new hunting ground for recruiters, employers and candidates, with the tools of technology used to find the candidate with the best skills set, and the best fit, for the prospective employer.

That’s the broad brush of what’s happening in the recruitment sector both here in Australia and around the world, but the changes in the business of recruiting have some way to go, as I gleaned after talking with Singapore-based Ram Chandrashekar, VP IT and Operational Excellence for global recruitment and workforce solutions company, the ManpowerGroup.


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