What is a Data Scientist?

What is a Data Scientist?

Data is as strategically important to business as products and services. Today, some companies are built around only data. And the buzz words around the boardroom have been more about data analytics and Big Data for the past few years.

As data has taken on such a prime role in business, so of course have those who are involved with handling the data. And one position in particular is often highly regarded: the data scientist.

The job of the Data Scientist is relatively new to the business world. In most companies, the role consists of duties that involve both business data analysis and technology. So most people who fill such positions have experience on both sides of the data fence—a sort of hybrid of the best of both worlds.

In some organizations, there may not be one data scientist, but a whole team that fulfils the roles and duties. The idea of having such a team may stem from the fact that it’s difficult to find one person who has experience and can perform the various roles that a data scientist position requires.

So exactly what are the qualifications required of a data scientist?

  • Has statistical modelling and technical engineering skills
  • Is hands-on and not just theoretical about data
  • Can use analytics to drive key success metrics

Other experts have offered that data scientists should have experience creating and designing the infrastructure for processing and managing the company’s data. The role should act as a leader, a sort of data steward, but also be able to understand the process behind management and analysis of the data.

What do you think makes a Data Scientist?

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