Recruiting Talent: The War For Time

Recruiting Talent: The War For Time

In a world where time comes at a premium, how can the recruitment process be better? And how can you make sure you’re recruiting talent that’s right for your business.

Not only is today’s best talent in high demand, they’re also – to the most part – in full-time employment (often beyond the normal 9-5!) and little time to contemplate scheduling an interview! Added to this, the war for talent is intensifying with many of the best candidates considering multiple opportunities making the scheduling process even harder. The process of trying to align the stars and actually getting a great candidate in to see you can put real strain on the process, and in some occasions can lead to interest levels falling or loosing out completely by another business snapping them up quickly.

So how can we improve what is clearly becoming a tough process? And secondly, what value do you really take from a first interview?


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