Why ‘Candidate Experience’ Matters

Why ‘Candidate Experience’ Matters

One of the hottest catch phrases in HR right now is the notion of “candidate experience” — which is part of an organization’s overall employer branding proposition.

While most people would probably think treating candidates respectfully would be a no-brainer, some organizations are only now waking up to the idea that candidates’ experiences of the recruitment process have a significant impact on employee engagement, motivation, retention and the perception of the organization in both the labour and product markets. These days, news of a poor candidate experience could potentially go viral within hours, turning off many others who may be interested in working for the organization or even buying its products.

I have previously mentioned the need to treat candidates with dignity and respect, to keep them in the loop in terms of what’s going on and provide them with timely and appropriate feedback if they are no longer being considered (although candidate experience is much more than that). Yet many companies still don’t understand the importance of treating candidates well, and a high percentage of recruiters and HR practitioners don’t even believe candidate experience is an important consideration.

SOURCE: hrreporter.com

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