Why Big Data Can Be Recruitment’s Best Friend

Why Big Data Can Be Recruitment’s Best Friend

Big data, which is commonly measured in terms of volume, velocity and variety, is enticing to many but useful to smaller numbers.

The reason is that the sheer volume of data needs to be tamed and organized in order to deliver tangible and usable information.

Is your organization focused on big data’s bottom line deliverables? Or is your organization seduced by the numbers without the tools to interpret data in useful ways?

Even more intriguing, can big data be put to use in the recruitment process of hiring the best and brightest talent?

Complexity Involved

Big data is so complex, it needs to be disentangled, interpreted, disseminated and used in practice in order to useful. It’s not some gigantic jumble of names, numbers and facts to be handled irresponsibly or carelessly and then tossed aside as a failed experiment.

SOURCE: recruitingblogs.com

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