The Solarisbank opens for blockchain companies

The Solarisbank opens for blockchain companies

News Article. Solarisbank intends to serve crypto companies in the future. Fintech is launching a new service today.

In the future, crypto and blockchain companies will be able to handle their cash transactions via Solarisbank . This is announced by the Berlin Fintech . The companies benefit from the bank-startup’s full banking license.

“There is a lot of demand from the blockchain world for a licensed partner who establishes the technological and regulatory link to traditional banking,” says Solarisbank CEO Roland Folz. Banks are there to keep the assets of their customers. “Banks must take on this role even in the age of blockchain technology-driven decentralization.”

Among other things, Solarisbank offers its customers the so-called Company Account. Crypto companies can do their banking business. Through the Automated Trust Account, the Bank provides a service to facilitate the purchase and sale of Fiat currencies for global cryptocurrency trading venues.

Further offers for Blockchain companies are currently being prepared, according to Solarisbank. In the near future, crypto currency wallets and bank accounts will be linked.

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Banks and cryptos – that does not just have to be enmity. The Solarisbank CTO tells how he wants to reconcile both and why the technology will start despite mistakes.

Solarisbank is working together with VPE Bank on its crypto offers. The Securities Trading Bank received regulatory approval from Bafin in April to enable its clients to trade in cryptocurrency.

Solarisbank received  a banking license two years ago . In the spring of 2018, two major European banks invested in the Berlin startup. In addition to the cooperation with VPE Bank, further partnerships are planned for the year.

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