Wefox: Aston Kutcher joins Insurtech

Wefox: Aston Kutcher joins Insurtech

The insurance start-up continues to raise money and present a new prominent investor. The focus is on an ambitious product from Wefox.

Sober industry, dazzling donors: this strategy continues the insurance start-up Wefox now. Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher is now one of the investors of the Insurtechs. The Handelsblatt reported this news first today (€) .

The amount of the investment Wefox did not comment on the newspaper, but a total of 55 million euros had flowed into the start-up. The last published round of financing was completed in September 2016 with about 22 million euros, previously had been put in early 2015, about four million in the company – in total succeeded in the last one and a half years, a doubling of the capital raised.

Wefox has started as a brokerage platform for insurance companies, but is increasingly expanding its business fields. Today starts in the industry eagerly awaited ( and long-announced ) own insurance product One, claims to be a combination of home insurance and liability. This product, which is to enable digital prosecution of claims processing, has also aroused its interest, says the new donor Kutcher to Handelsblatt.

Insurance industry is becoming more digital

The ambitious product is Wefox, founded in Zurich and now based in Berlin, with about 150 employees. Other start-ups such as Coya or Covomo are targeting a largely digitized insurance product . A market report from the consultant Oliver Wyman had pointed out before Christmas, however, that entry could be more difficult – especially as traditional insurance companies continue to increase their budget for digital projects .

At the same time, Insurtech founders complained, according to the Oliver Wyman study, about problems in maintaining growth capital. That does not seem to be a problem for Wefox right now. In addition to institutional financiers such as Horizon Ventures and Target Global , Ashton Kutcher could also meet German musicians at the next shareholders’ meeting: Lena Meyer-Landrut and Sarah Connor are also investors in Wefox.

SOURCE: http://gruender.wiwo.de/wefox-ashton-kutcher-steigt-bei-insurtech-ein/?utm_source=Venture+Daily&utm_campaign=0a5db9b743-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_02_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_6a5d9fa724-0a5db9b743-138429649&mc_cid=0a5db9b743&mc_eid=f7b23d2e00

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