Machine learning software increases cooling system optimization

Machine learning software increases cooling system optimization

Optimum Energy Debuts OptiCx Dynamic Sequencing

Machine learning software increases cooling system optimization, further reducing water and energy use


SEATTLE, February 11, 2015 – Optimum Energy, the leading provider of data-driven cooling and heating optimization solutions for enterprise facilities, today introduced OptiCxTM Dynamic Sequencing, a software optimization tool that learns how chillers perform over time in a variety of operating conditions, and uses this data to improve the overall plant efficiency by determining the most efficient chiller to run.

“The OptiCx Platform is an award-winning approach with a growing base of committed customers, and now, with Dynamic Sequencing, it’s taking a big step forward,” said Ian Dempster, Optimum Energy’s Senior Director of Product Innovation. “When combined with OptimumLOOP, this is the most powerful chiller optimization solution available, offering substantial reductions in energy and water use.”

Available as an add-on for customers with a subscription to the OptiCx PlatformTM, Dynamic Sequencing works in conjunction with OptimumLOOPTM, an operational module in the OptiCx Platform. OptimumLOOP uses relational control algorithms to determine operating setpoints and parameters to turn on or off an additional chiller in a plant. Dynamic Sequencing goes a step further and uses machine learning to recommend specific chiller(s) to use, along with recommendations for optimal sequences. This maximizes savings by ensuring that the most efficient chillers are selected. As a result, it extends the energy, water, and CO2 savings that the standard OptiCx Platform provides, all while improving the operational efficiency of the plant.

The machine learning advantage offered by Dynamic Sequencing is part of Optimum Energy’s continued data science R&D effort. This effort has focused on enhancing Optimum’s energy optimization software and identifying trends in over 300 cumulative years of HVAC system data in order to enable cost and efficiency savings in large building systems.  Dynamic Sequencing’s ability to learn chiller behavior through identifying patterns in data on chiller performance helps the OptiCx Platform intelligently manage optimal equipment usage, while passing on increased operational savings to the customers at the plant level.

About Optimum Energy

Optimum Energy provides True Optimization®—data-driven cooling and heating system optimization solutions for campuses and large facilities. A growing number of enterprise organizations have come to depend on Optimum’s proven track record of fulfilling and exceeding sustainability targets through the OptiCx Platform. Optimum combines data science and engineering expertise to reduce operational expenses by as much as 50%, while increasing the productivity of facility support personnel. These gains are achieved and sustained through Real-Time Dynamic Commissioning™, which fights performance drift and enables automated, continuous commissioning through dynamic adaptation of the entire system. For more information please visit

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