Job Seekers Migrate to Smartphones

Job Seekers Migrate to Smartphones

Companies that don’t have websites that work natively with smartphones may be missing out on key talent, warns recruitment firm Hays.

Its survey of 550 Kiwi job hunters shows that 36 per cent of people use a mixture of mobile and desktop devices to search for a new role, with 2 per cent searching for jobs solely using a mobile device. However, that figure is climbing.

“Job seekers are still submitting most of their job applications on their desktop computer as they have larger screens and keyboards than mobile devices,” says Jason Walker, managing director of Hays in New Zealand.

“However, a growing number of job seekers now prefer to use a smartphone for job search activities because they can search for jobs anytime, anywhere.”

According to research by, the global trend shows 82 per cent of job hunters use a mobile device as part of their job search, with the majority using the technology to find a job while commuting to and from work.


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