Job Board Report Finds it’s Taking Longer to Fill Jobs; Lists Most Difficult to Fill by City

New research by jobs website Indeed found it is taking slightly longer to fill jobs in the US and positions still empty after 30 days can take months to fill.

Indeed found the percentage of jobs unfilled after 30 days rose to 57.0% in the three months ended October 2014 — up from 56.2% in the same period in 2013.

Paul D’Arcy, senior VP at Indeed, said the strengthening US labor market is behind the increase. As more employers compete for workers with the top skills, it becomes harder and takes longer to fill jobs.

“Demand now for skilled labor is very, very high and rapidly strengthening,” D’Arcy said. “IT, software engineering and healthcare are kind of the key areas where there is a tremendous skills shortage nationally.”

Another key finding by Indeed: 30 days proved a tipping point. Positions not filled within that time frame have a 57% chance of remaining open for three months or more. While employers may still be confident after 30 days, the research shows they should look at their strategy or the time to fill could last months more.


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