Informatica Aligns Product Line Around Big Data Initiatives

Informatica Aligns Product Line Around Big Data Initiatives

Many people already identify Informatica as a powerful and complete data analytics softwaresolution, but with a new regrouping around Big Data, Informatica wants to enable more businesses to get the most out of their Big Data projects.

The new approach that Informatica is taking subscribes to a holistic approach to enabling data and analytics. Through years of working with their customers, there have been three areas of competency that have been identified as giving an organization the best chances of having their Big Data projects be successful. Those core competencies make up the pillars of an end-to-end guide through a Big Data journey that Informatica enables.

The first core competency is in integration — being able to make the connections into the data sources, and knowing what data sources exist internally, as well as those that exist externally to thecompany.

Informatica looks to increase an organization’s competency in integration by providing 300 different prebuilt connectors, ostensibly making it easy to find data from external sources. This is a powerful feature, considering that many organizations do not even realize what data they can connect to from public sources. Further features that apply to the integration pillar include running natively on Hadoop and powerful engine optimization to increase the performance of the data operations.

Secondly, an organization requires competency in governance and data quality. It’s not enough to be able to get a fully populated data lake. There has to be governance of the data to ensure that the data is handled in appropriate ways and that business policies, guidelines and compliance standards are met. Once the data is imported, and the proper governance is in place, data quality becomes the standard-bearer for the data project. The important issues for data quality are whether the data is accurate, accessible and appropriate. Failures in this area can result in the customers getting incorrect data, poor results from marketing, wasted time and efforts, and an overall loss of confidence in the information coming out of the data lake.

The third core competency encompasses all of the other efforts to make a complete solution. Without properly defined and monitored security, the risk of data breaches and data leaks are more than unnerving. Informatica performs ongoing security and data analysis to identify sensitive data and reduce the risk of accidental or intentional data leaks.

One particular challenge is identifying when data becomes sensitive and requires privileged use. For example, a zip code, name or address by itself is not sensitive information. However, a zip code plus an address and a name can make that data sensitive. Informatica sees the relationships that are happening with the data, and even if that data comes from different sources, it can immediately take action to protect it once it becomes sensitive.

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