Action against more than 200 recruiters in India

Action against more than 200 recruiters in India

Action was taken against more than 200 fraudulent recruitment agencies and agents in India over the year, the country’s parliament was told this week.

According to news site India TV, minister of state for overseas Indian affairs and external affairs General Vijay Kumar Singh told the lower house of parliament that between 1 December 2013 and 30 November 2014 action was initiated against a total of 206 recruitment agencies and agents for fraudulent activities.

Most of them (126) were in the Maharashtra region, in the West of India.

Complaints against the companies included: violation of contractual obligations; furnishing false information relating to foreign employers to whom the emigrants are sent; fraudulently obtaining emigration clearance by submitting false/forged documents; providing visit visas to the emigrants instead of employment visa, which lands the emigrants under detention overseas.

It was not clear what the outcome of the action was.
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