5 Fun and Quirky Ways to Spice Up Your Employer Brand

5 Fun and Quirky Ways to Spice Up Your Employer Brand

Employer branding may not be a new phenomenon, but many business owners are not giving it the attention that it rightly deserves. Spending time honing your employer brand not only helps to create the right image and impression for potential employees and existing staff, but it can help to attract and retain the best candidates. If your branding is in need of spicing up, here are five fun yet effective ways to add pizazz to this crucial business strategy.

Quiz Staff

Perceptions of an employer brand need to match the reality, so if you’re not sure how your business is being viewed, then get frontline opinions by quizzing staff. If you want honest, reliable views, then make the session enjoyable so that staff will be more open with their comments. Create a game-style survey, where staff write words down to describe the business or work in teams in an engaging way. When you’ve got an overall picture of how staff view the brand, you can then work to reinforce the positive ideals and change any negative aspects for the better.

SOURCE: maximus-it.com

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