Many young tech startups rely on Artificial Intelligence.Matt Cardy / Getty Images

As emerges from the current report of the consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY) “Fast growth beyond borders: Tech start-ups reshaping the economy”, the tech start-up scene in Germany is booming.

The young companies and their innovative ideas are interesting at an early stage, both for national and international investors. From Berlin as the center of the tech scene, the path often leads through the sale to international corporations in the world.

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The top companies no longer only include online trading platforms, but increasingly start-ups in the fields of financial technology, mobility, smart logistics, proptech and human resources . An important role in all tech startups is the development of artificial intelligence as a key technology for the economy and society.

For the report, EY examined successful German tech startups and their financing by investors last year.

Here are the top 50 German tech startups