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Very experienced Linux/Unix Senior Systems Administrator. Built & fully supported large infrastructures & platforms for high availabilty & high volume Websites, Cloud & Mail Relay networks. Installed & configured Websites, Databases, Mail Relays, & DNS in automated, monitored & security compliant infrastructures.

Core Skills

Linux/Unix Systems Administration
RHEL & Centos 5, 6 & 7
VMware vSphere, KVM, AWS & Openstack
ICINGA, Zenoss , NAGIOS & Solar Winds
Satellite, Puppet, Git & SVN
Amazon EC2 & Cloud Computing

HA Proxy, Proxy Servers & Load Balancing

Programming & Scripting
UNIX Shell Scripts, SQL & PERL

Web Site Administration & Development
HTTP & Web Proxies


Platform Engineer
Jan 2015 to July 2015

Worked on a national schools & councils web filtering platform running netsweeper. While I was there I built a patching system using Spacewalk, built a puppet master with a puppet dashboard & wrote systems hardening & security modules. Used Openstack & KVM to build new VMs. Built Zenoss for system monitoring. I built central syslog servers & a syslog reporting server running logstash. Project lead for BIND DNS migration from legacy systems. Extensive use of LB & failover systems such as HA Proxy, DRBD, corosync & pacemaker.

Security Clearence Certificate issued.

Systems Administrator
Tribal Systems
Oct 2014 to Dec 2014

Built authentication (LDAP & AD), DNS (BIND & windows 2012) & monitoring (Zabbix) systems. Administered SVN, Confluence & JIRA ticketing systems. Built Centos machines using Xen & KVM. Migrated legacy physical machines into Xen infrastructure. Configured HA Proxies & puppet automation. Added core infrastructure machines to puppet. Used continuous deployment tools such as Jenkins & Git. Project lead for introducing new change control.

Senior Linux Engineer
July 2011 to Oct 2014

Install & build RHEL5 & 6 Cloud & Social media networks. Automation such as kickstart, cobbler & puppet for building physical & virtual machines using vSphere s & AWS. Built monitoring systems such as Zenoss & NAGIOS/ICINGA. Manage central configuration systems such as Puppet, Foreman & Git. Ensured all machines were coonfigured as puppet agents & included in pupppet modules. Responsible for automated monthly patching of over 200 Red Hat machines . Built linux yum repositories & Satellite servers. Extensive automation using shell scripts, puppet, vCloud & kickstart. Ran load balancing & proxy sysstems such HA Proxy, Varnish, NGINX, heartbeat & memcache for Apache webservers & general Cloud infrastructure. Provide 3rd level support for monitoring alerts to ensure customer SLAs. Rack & patch physical machines in Data Centres. Deliver SOC security compliancy.

Unix Systems Administrator
First Clarity
January 2011 to April 2011 (Contracting)

Build & support web site infrastructures & application servers for clients such as the Telegraph Media Group & Money Supermarket. Built Mysql & LDAP DB servers & Apache/Tomcat/PHP web servers on ESX & Amazon EC2 Cloud. Configured Apache, SSL & Proxy modules. Configured Load Balancing, firewalls, backups, DNS & DB replication. Deployed war file updates. Managed UAT & Production platform builds & deployments. Configured NAGIOS & OpenNMS monitoring. Built Centos 5 & Solaris 10 servers. Built VM servers using VMWare ESX 4.0

Senior Unix Systems Analyst
Turner Communications PLC
Nov 2009 to January 2011

Built high volume Internet Web Servers for CNN, Cartoon Network & Boomerang TV web farms. Built Red Hat Enterprise Linux Web Server network with over 200 production servers. Also built Centos 5, RHEL 5 & Solaris 10 networks for staging & UAT platforms . Configured Apache, Tomcat & MySQL. Built RPMs on repository server for web site installation, monitoring & patching. Built VMWare VM Web servers & MysSQL DB servers using KickStart automation. Configured proxy caching & load balancing systems such as Varnish & HAProxy.

Built development systems for developers & deployed updates such as Tomcat WAR files & matained SVN repositories. Configured & finetuned Apache modules & Tomcat.

Installed NAGIOS & OpenNMS monitoring systems. Completed OpenLDAP centralized authentication system using Red Hat Directory Services.

3rd Level Technical Engineer
Cable & Wireless Communication
Sept 2000 to Nov 2009

Employed in a Secure Hosting environment on the Government Secure Community, NHS Net, NHS Mail & NHS Relay & Police National Networks. The networks included RHEL 5 & Solaris 8 & 10. Included systems administrator, network, applications development & 3rd line support. Also given additional 3rd line support role for the E-Borders Managed Encryption Service (MES). I helped build & provide 3rd line support for government Internet, Intranet, hosting, e-mail & web services for the Government, the NHS & Police national networks. Configured & supported email relays (Exim), DNS Servers (BIND 8 & 9), Websites (apache) & VPNs & VLANs (Cisco routers & switches). Configured CyberGuard & Nokia Checkpoint firewalls within the core data centre networks. Unix scripting for performance reporting & regular maintenance such as backups. Installed monitoring systems (NAGIOS, MRTG & Cricket) & MySQL databases for alerts & capacity planning.

Regular maintenance & support of firewalls (Checkpoint), proxy servers (Net Apps), routers (Cisco), Mail Relay MTAs (Exim, & Sendmail), Mail Gateways (Exim, Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus scanning). Installed reporting & alerting systems (NAGIOS, Whatsup, Netcool & IPS). I have built web sites (Apache) & written web pages (HTML) for Cable & Wireless management & customers.

Automated system builds included jumpstart (Solaris) & kickstart (Red Hat Enterprise Linux). Also built VMs using VMWare ESX 3.5

Worked on 3rd line support for C&W for help desk escalation in & out of hours for all networks.

I have SC security clearance.

Network Systems Engineer
April 1999 to September 2000

Worked on corporate Intranets for Japanese auto mobile manufacturers located in Europe. Located in Europe & UK HQ. Intranet systems were used for e-mail & transferring auto mobile designs. Systems were based on Solaris.

Required systems administration of Solaris servers running automated secure ftp clients & ftp servers & e-mail between & within auto mobile Intranets. Maintained e-mail MTA & Gateway systems using Sendmail. Ran an Oracle customer database of NTT clients. Produced automated & ad-hoc reports using SQL, Oracle & PERL.

UNIX Systems Administrator
February 1998 to April 1999

Worked on London Transport’s Jubilee Underground Line Extension Project. Employed by an IT consultancy company which technical staff for IT contracts. Supported Jubilee Line network providing technical designs for engineers & builders etc.

Worked on Solaris based platforms. Networked local & central sites together. Database Administrator for central Oracle database. Produced SQL reports. Ran & produced automated reports written in Perl & SQL. Ran e-mail systems using Sendmail on Solaris. Created backup systems for Solaris servers & central databases.

Unix Systems Administrator
Marie Curie Cancer Care
August 1995 to February 1998

Worked with a fund-raising charity for cancer care hospices. Based in Marie Curies’ Head Office providing supports for Head Office Marketing & Finance systems as well as local Medical systems in local Hospices throughout the UK.

The Head Office systems ran on Unix Sequent & Unix IBM. Local Hospices ran on SCO UNIX. I administered a Marketing & Fund-raising Informix Database. I produced SQL reports many of which I scripted to run automatically. I used a combination of Unix Shell Scripts & SQL. I was responsible for transferring marketing & fund-raising data between Head Office & a Marketing Centre. I was also responsible for running an IBM Unix platform for accounting in the Head Office.

I ran the 12 local Hospices’ Informix Palliative Care databases running on SCO UNIX.

Unix Systems Administrator
London Transport
1992-August 1995

Worked in the Marketing Dept. HQ for London Regional Transport. The Dept. was responsible
for the distribution of season tickets & planning marketing & sales.

The Marketing Dept. ran Oracle & Informix databases. I supported Solaris, SCO & Unix IBM systems. I produced reports in SQL & Unix Shell Scripts. I helped network accounts & marketing systems. I helped install Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) systems at local retail outlets. I installed multiplexing systems for the overnight transfer of daily retail transactions.

Unix Systems Administrator
Dept. of Employment

Worked for the Dept. of Employment Head Office in their systems networking department. Responsible for installing & supporting Unix networks in local Employment Offices.

Helped install Unix networks on Solaris & Ultrix platforms. Installed & networked PCs & printers. Installed Ethernet cabling for Employment Office LANs. Helped install & monitor national WAN backbone. Provided 3rd level support to IT Head Office help desk.

Professional Qualifications

CompTIA Professional 2011
Solaris Systems Administration Certificated 2003
HNC Computer Studies 1993


Post Graduate Certificate of Education
BA Hons Sociology & Education (2-1)
4 GCE “A” levels
9 GCE “O” levels

Personal Interests

Sponsored cycle rides including London to Brighton, London to Barcelona & Warsaw to London
Helping run local boy’s football team









Malcolm Badley
18th June 2015

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