Alexey Kiselev


Senior Full-stack Developer/Node.js/Angular/React - Team Lead

Moscow, Russia

About me:

I am 6-years experienced Full-stack developer with over 13-years of programming background and excellent analytical and math skills. At front-end side I can make from dynamic html websites (HTML5, CSS3, Less, jQuery, AJAX) to SPA projects (AngularJS, React+Redux, VueJS), JSON, XML, at back-end side I experienced in NodeJS (Express, MongoDB, Pug, Socket.IO, Gulp), PHP (CakePHP, Laravel), Ruby on Rails, Python, C++, Matlab and Java. I can show a deep knowledge of ES5 and ES6, Design Patterns, OOP principles. I worked with MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL. I use TDD whenever is possible, Git for version control. I experienced like Windows and Linux user. And I’d like to join an ambitious startup to create something worthwhile.

I am following new trends in web and service development. I can read and refactor my own and someone’s code and I can learn very fast. I can manage huge projects alone and pull them to result. Have high attention to details and desire to learn new technologies. Good team player too. My English is good for conversation.

I’m looking for interesting and challenging project to where I will invest my whole experience for launch and get nice results. International projects or serious enterprise would be great. Startups are welcome!


ITMO University

2002-2006 – Bachelor Degree with honors – Optoelectronics technologies

2006-2008 – Master Degree with honors – Information technologies in Optics

International societies: Rozdestvenskiy Optical Society, Optical Society of America (OSA), The international society for optics and photonics (SPIE)
Activity: During my education I joined the science group which did researches in nonlinear physics, solitons and optical interaction with materials. In this group I had improved my analytical and programming skills (in C++ and Matlab) and had achieved next results: a few articles in a famous science journals and approbations on over 30+ international conferences:

·         Dissipative Discrete Spatial Optical Solitons in a System of Coupled Optical Fibers with the Kerr and Resonance Nonlinearities (ISSN 0030-400X, Optics and Spectroscopy, 2008, Vol. 105, No. 4, pp. 547–556. © Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2008).

·         Doppler Frequency Shift Caused by the Inhomogeneities of a Medium Induced by Pulses of Intense Laser Radiation (ISSN 0030-400X, Optics and Spectroscopy, 2008, Vol. 105, No. 2, pp. 268–269. © Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2008).

·         On Reflection of Radiation from Moving Objects (ISSN 0030-400X, Optics and Spectroscopy, 2008, Vol. 104, No. 6, pp. 920–929. © Pleiades Publishing, Ltd., 2008).

·         Nanosized Dissipative Discrete Solitons in Resonantly Excited Molecular J-aggregates (JETP Letters, 2008, Vol. 87, No. 12, pp. 763-766).

·         On Scattering of Electromagnetic Radiation by Inhomogeneities of the Velocity of Motion of the Medium (ISSN 0030-400X, Optics and Spectroscopy, 2006, Vol. 101, No. 1, pp. 118–130. © Pleiades Publishing, Inc., 2006).

·         Light Diffraction By Inhomogeneities Of Velocity Of Medium Motion (ISSN: 1062-8738, Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Physics, 2005, Vol. 69, No. 8, pp. 1270-1273, Allerton Press, Inc., 2005).

Acquired skills: Nonlinear Physics, Numerical methods, Data Analysis and Visualization, Big Data Science, Back End Development (Matlab & Simulink, C++, Visual Fortran, Delphi), Applied Programming in Physics, ODEs, Development Technical Documentation, Design and Development of new software modules, Software Testing, Physical Process modeling, Parallel programming

Work Experience:

Vavilov State Optical Institute, Scientific Research Institute of Laser Physics, St. Petersburg, Russia

2004-2007 – Data Analyst

            I worked in a Science Group Project “Light Diffraction by Motion Media” granted by Government. The results were published in approved science journals and approbate on the international science conferences.

Key Features:

–       Developed embedded software (C++ and Matlab environment) for laser signal analysis.

–       Worked with my own program modules using Matlab&Simulink, which calculate signal parameters, signal statistics and behavioral prediction

–       Implemented numerical methods to improve precision of solving ODE

–       Enhanced my own previous modules from 2D to 3D media geometry

–       Developd a lot of Data Visualization modules using Visual Fortran, C++ (QT, VTK) and Matlab


2007-2009 – Senior Data Analyst

Engineer & Software Developer (Data calculating, analyzing, visualization and testing + Physical Researches and Math calculations) in a working group containing 15+ scientists from Russia, France and Australia. Project called “Quantum Fluctuations of Dissipative Solitons” and was Granted by Russian Academy of Science.

Key Features:

–       Developed my own program complex from scratch for project goals using Matlab environment

–       Implemented Big Data Science methods for analyzing system of over 6 billion differential equations (implement improved numerical methods to Matlab modules for this purpose). The result was an executable module, which demonstrate soliton dynamic corresponding to the set of parameters.

–       Developed a special modules using parallel programming with a Computer Cluster

–       Designed, developed and implemented a Simulink module, which demonstrate a working of System with Positive Feedback (programming part, math and physical part – all are my own). Wrote a technical documentation for this module.

–       Developed testing and prediction modules for project’s equations using Matlab&Simulink

–       Developed a Data visualization modules using C++ (QT, VTK)

Summary: Well, it was very interesting experience. I met a lot of very clever people, joined ambitious projects, and had achieved impressive results: I had improved my analytical and math skills, had learned to work as a part of science group and communicate with different people, had enhanced my ability to develop project from scratch, set goals and analyze the results. And I had fallen in love of Math Modeling and Programming forever.


2009-2011, Basys LLC, Moscow, Russia

            B2B Construction Materials Supplier

Senior Back-end Developer

            My part in the project was backend and frontend development. I designed the architecture corporate B2B portal with warehouse, statistical and e-commerce modules. Used technologies: ​ CakePHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Google Analytics, integration with social networks.

Key features:

–       Architect and build whole project solution using CakePHP and my own PHP solutions (sorting and product ranking, client’s bonus system)

–       MySQL (base refactoring, complex queries)

–       JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5 for front-end

–       Web Security (XSS, SQL injection and others)

–       Warehouse module with advanced sorting and analytics

–       Develop task management and client communication tools

–       Test project’s code using PHPUnit

–       Server-side development

Summary: During this project I had learned to architect and support projects, to develop back-end and front-end parts, had applied a lot of new programming technics and frameworks. At the same time, I had improved my business and communication skills. As result I had become to be open for a new own projects.


2011 – present, ACK LLC, Moscow, Russia

My own company with a set of e-commerce websites.

Senior Full-stack Developer

I designed and built e-commerce projects using best known tools and practices. And I wrote code, front-end and back-end parts. Client-side: JavaScript (ES6, jQuery, AngularJS, ReactJS+Redux,VueJS), CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap. Server-side: PHP (CakePHP, Laravel), Python for text and data analysis, NodeJS for API. In total I Drove all phases of enterprise integration and process improvement projects to successful completion.

Key features:


–       Writing SPA using AngularJS and ReactJS

–       Designed and developed user-friendly and responsive website (HTML5 & CSS3) using Bootstrap and my own code

–       Developed dynamic and interactive webpages with jQuery and AJAX

–       Architected and developed mobile versions of websites

–       Small team management (up to 5 developers)

–       Designed SEO friendly webpages


–       Wrote back-end from scratch using PHP for server side and Python for analysis and statistics, NodeJS for services and API. Also work with CakePHP, Laravel, other MVC Frameworks. Very friendly with OOP.

–       Constructed, developed and implemented SQL base using MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB

–       I worked with Agile product development environment

–       Implemented web-security (XSS, SQL Injection)

–       Used Version Control System (Git)

–       Developed new functionalities, enhanced and debugged scripts for better performance

–       Made my own reusable component libraries

–       Worked with Apache server settings


–       Designed pages very friendly with SEO

–       I enhanced website’s usability, analyzed user experience and increased conversion rate

–       I am in touch with modern advertising and promoting technics

–       Oversaw full lifecycle of software development

–       Experienced in Agile methodology

–       Project management

Summary: During this projects I have learned a lot of programming technics, frameworks, I have read tons of programming books and articles, I used four programming languages, dozens of frameworks and applications. I am in touch with professional community and now I am open for new interesting and ambitious project, where I can improve my skills and get new experience. Converse with my suppliers around the world I have increased my English level from “not bad” to spoken level.


I am a Full-stack Developer with 13 years of experience with background of math, physics, front-end and back-end development:
–       PHP (CakePHP, Laravel, MVC Frameworks), MySQL, Python, NodeJS, Java, Ruby on Rails, REST, Matlab, C++
–       JavaScript (ES6), jQuery, AngularJS, React+Redux, VueJS, Flux, TypeScript, AJAX
–       Work with Agile and Git
–       Html5, CSS3, Less, Bootstrap, responsive cross browser layout
–       NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Pug, Gulp
–       Broad outlook and big ability to analyze, every day I read news from professional community
–       Self-dependence and self-learning, I am interesting in learning new programming technics and languages
–       Very friendly with StackOverflow Community
–       Activity and sense of purpose
–       Openness, Honestly and Business Communication Skills
Interests and Hobbies:
            – Develop algorithms
            – Reading classical literature
            – traveling
            – Russian : native
            – English : Spoken level (I speak, listen, write and read freely, I read a lot technical documentation and literature)

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