Olukunle Ogunmokun

Phone No.: +234 (0) 813 010 7796
Email: kunsam002@gmail.com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/olukunle-ogunmokun-9229789b Public Repo.: https://github.com/kunsam002​ / ​https://bitbucket.org/kunsam002


Venture Garden Group (V.G.G)

Garden Data (Business Unit) – Senior Software Engineer Projects – Garden Talent

HR Staff Profiling and Management Solution developed to ease the HR team’s daily operations ranginging from staff profiling, organogram​, financing, performance appraisal, bonus and benefits as well as PTO (Paid Time Off) and leave system​. (Python Django)

●  Designed and modeled the database using PostgreSQL and developed the platform as a project later restructured into a multi-tenant platform with the aim of reaching a wider audience and not just for internal use.
●  Implemented cloud storage by integrating with AWS S3 bucket and Azure as well as other 3rd party integrations, and also developed a maker-checker security validation with a single-sign-on authentication ​https://pypi.org/project/vgg-gd-sso/
●  Built Automation Testing (Unit Testing, API Testing, Integration Testing).
●  To improve deployment flow and reliability of the live environment, I built a deployment

pipeline using AWS EC2 instance, Jenkins and Octopus and implemented the automation tests.
●  To improve go to market and development time I built some reusable assets libraries to speed up future development like authentication module, reporting, role and permission management as well as a CRUD-factory. ​https://pypi.org/project/crud-factory/

Traclist Software Company (Officemotion Softwares) – Software Engineer

Projects – GTBank SMEMarketHub.com (Online MarketPlace)

SME MarketHub (GTBank initiative) is a marketplace which seeks to accelerate business growth by encouraging entrepreneurs in Nigeria to connect, buy and sell on its free service portal.
Python, API, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud API, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, RDBMS, Docker, REST, SOAP, TDD, CI/CD, Integration Test, Unit Test, API Test
●  Designed, developed and maintained the platform using Python (Flask), HTML, LESS AngularJS, Azure, Google Cloud, and MySQL for database.
●  Configured the platform pages design to be customizable using approach of a content management system (CMS) with the use of pre-defined designed snippets and macros injected into pages for ease of use and for more interactive design and development.
●  Developed platform blueprints, APIs and services ranging from domain specific inventory management, centralized unified cart system, reporting, order processing and delivery amongst others as well as implementing various 3rd-party integrations including payment and settlement, analytics, losistics amongst others.
●  To foster easy adoption and grow customer base, I led a team and built a hybrid mobile app using ionic and AngularJs working with APIs built and consuming REST and SOAP APIs.
●  Developed a configurable auction system for merchants/sellers.
●  As a result of poor performance and instability I researched solutions and with the use of

ElasticSearch, Redis, Nginx, Flask Caching, and AngularJS, I was able to not only improve the platform stability and performance but also improve the speed by over 500% from an average of over 1minute to a max load time of 10secs.
●  Built Real-time analytical dashboards for platform management with a focus on user activity, inventory, operations, finance and cohort analytic dashboards.

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  • +44 (0)203 004 9596

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