M. Waqas Shahid


Business Intelligence Architect


Global Business Intelligence Architect at Rocket Internet (Foodpanda)                   Feb 2015 – Present

·         Algorithm designing assistance for Restaurant Ranking System to increase sales and customer experience

·         Multiple data sources extraction to data layer through python scripting e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Zendesk

·         Designing Data Models for BI Reporting and Analytically decision supportive dashboards using ‘Sisense’ (under process)

·         ETL for all global ventures, data sanitization and audit checks to ensure accurate reporting

·         Transformation of  data layer to intelligence and business layer as per DWH architecture

·         Successful & complete migration of DWH from mysql to PostgresSQL along with new Database architecture


Previous Work Experience:
Analytics and Business Intelligence Analyst at China Mobile (CMPak Zong)              Jul 2013 – Jan 2015

·         Development of Churn Prediction Model using R language and IBM SPSS on multi variant dimensions and measures

·         Three dimensional Subscriber base mapping & Segmentation, usage based life cycle clustering and behavior maps

·         CLM and CVM campaign and promotions designing, participation and management

·         Statistical Analysis and Associative Modeling of Subscriber Revenue & Usage and Subscriber Activity Base movement

·         BI Analysis and Reporting, multiple dimensional analysis and algorithm designing Business Process Re-engineering(BPR)

·         Deployment of BI Reporting and Analytically decision supportive dashboards using in-memory analytics tool ‘QlikView’

Web Semantics and Database Specialist at MarkLand Associates                                 Jun 2013 – Nov 2013

·         Cross Co-relational analysis of Customer behaviors and patterns for predicting sales and new offers

·         Database designing, planning and development for multiple web sources

Sentiment Analyst and Algorithm Designer at ETL C&EME (NUST)                              Apr 2013 – Oct 2013

·         Team Lead, designer for development of Predictive fraud detection, consumer behaviors on Web enhancing user safety

Database Designer and Software Developer at Life Long (Pakistan)                           Jul 2012- Jul 2013

·         Co-relations, granularity and normalization of Complex Database structures

·         Optimized algorithms and DB layers for fast data access

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