Uğur Özgen

Full Stack Developer at Doğuş Teknoloji
Jun 2017 – Present 
Istanbul, Turkey
In Doğuş Teknoloji, I am currently developing Zubizu. Doğuş Teknoloji is the IT partner of Doğuş Corporation and Zubizu is a customer loyalty mobile application of Doğuş Corportaion. I am responsible for transform monolith (.net stack) application to micro-service application which is written in Golang by building full-automated cloud-based deployment, including developer tools. We apply TDD when writing application, also we apply devOps disciplines to build infrastucture, platforms and tools(containerazation, clustering and orchestration) such as Varnish,Nginx, Mongo, GoCD, Gitlab, ELK, Grafana, Consul. Every processes is in Continues Delivery pipeline.

Full Stack Developer
Ziraat Teknoloji A.Ş.
Sep 2015 – Jun 2017 
İstanbul, Türkiye
Core Banking Transformation Project in Ziraat Bank

Ziraat Teknoloji is the IT solution partner of the Ziraat Bank which is the one of leading bank in the financial industry of Turkey. I am taking actively part in agile team which are developing banking modules in micro-service architecture. As a cross functional team we worked with UX, DevOps, Quality Analyst(QA) and Business Analyst(BA). Developed micro-services in TDD and BDD styles using pair programming with ThoughtWorks Inc. consultants. System, services and development are managed by DevOps Culture to provide Continues Integration and Continues Delivery.

● Front-end: SPA(Single page application) based on React, Redux, Webpack and Npm. Served by Nginx
● Back-end: Written in Golang as micro-service
● Ginkgo and Gomega are used in Back-end BDD style
● Karma and Jasmine, used in Front-end BDD style
● Consumer Driven Contract(CDC), used between microservices
● Backend for Front-end(BFF)
● Docker, Vagrant
● Git, Gitlab
● Continues Integration and Continues Delivery Tool: GoCD
● Task and Document Manager: Jira and Confluence
● Monitoring and Logging: ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana

●Scrum and Kanban are used in Development Life-cycle
●Useful Activities: Sprint Retrospective, Lunch & Learn, Code Review, Iteration and Story Kickoff, Handovers, Showcase, Deskcheck, Stand-up Meeting, Tech Huddle


Software Developer

Çanakkale 18 Mart University Information Technology Department
Jan 2014 – Sep 2015 
Çanakkale, Türkiye
Student Information System(SIS) in Çanakkale 18 Mart University

In Information Technology Department, using MVC and OOP architecture, trying to solve digital problems of university such as course selection, supervisor appointment etc. with meeting students, academicians, officers and listening their requests.

● Vaadin in Front-end
● Java in Back-end
● Hibernate
● Spring
● Maven
● Subversion
● YouTrack
● Mysql

Çanakkale 18 Mart University Remote Education Center
Sep 2012 – Jun 2013 
Çanakkale, Türkiye
Part Time Programmer

Developing Android and Web Application:
Live Local Tv Application
Memorize Application
Remote Robot Control with Android IO Card
Online Estate Website
Online Survey Website

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