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I’m a 20 years old, self-taught, Brazilian, Software developer, teacher and consultant and I’ve been looking for an opportunity like this for a long time.

I work as a Software Developer and Consultant full time remote here in brazil, but I’m looking for something abroad.

Has been about 5 years since I started to work with Web Applications. I’ve been through a lot of platforms.

Currently I work on a set of full stack web applications with about  60 thousands active users making API requests from mobile devices every day, based on RoR, Sinatra, TDD, RSpec, Capybara, Honor, FactoryGirl, CanCan, Devise, Geolocation … and a whole ERP background sync structure;

I also had a 4 years experience with PHP, being 3 of them working with good practices, Git/GitHub, OO, MVC, MOVE, TDD, Design Patterns, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, Doctrine… and front-end resources, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap, AngularJS, HandleBars, Ember, Backbone.

I love open-source, so check out here for more information about this:

Since I’m a Electronic Engineering student, an enthusiast of new technologies, I already worked with a lot of embedded devices, like Freescale i.MX Series, BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, as also with microcontrollers such as PIC, Arduinos.

I have been studying and working with C++, Qt Framework and node.js for a while, contributing to new npm packages and projects, but my development skills extends to Delphi (Pascal), C, C++(OpenCV, OpenGL), Java, Python, Ruby/Rails, and more…

See more about my programming skills at my Linkedin Profile, or Personal Website, links below.

I really would love to be part of the team.



Marcelo Boeira

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