CFO at MTN Guinea Bissau

South Africa

I have extensive Telco business start-up AND change management experience and have set up a number of Mobile Telco networks in Africa and the Middle East for internationally listed companies.

I am a highly experienced financial Executive who undertakes complex and difficult assignments and have successfully developed effective and sustainable solution to ensure financial management in diverse and challenging environments, I have setup in country structures to raise finance, to comply with local taxation regulations and to hire and train local staff.

I am on the lookout for: I am seeking new challenges with a company in need of someone with exceptional financial planning, leadership, and management abilities. Taking command of an operation or project, then guiding it to new performance levels, is my greatest strength.

My Experience: As evidenced in the enclosed resume my experience encompasses internal financial controls, strategic planning based on annual budgets and financial forecasts, project management, strategic planning, compliance with legislation and regulations, reporting to stakeholders. My ability to analyze needs and create unique solutions designed to yield a profitable outcome has proven to be one of my greatest assets.

I know that my proven leadership skills, strong commitment to high ethical and professional standards, and flexibility in devising proactive responses to changing socioeconomic conditions would allow me to make a significant contribution to any organization. My experience in different African countries has exposed me to various cultures and traditions. This has enhanced my interpersonal skills with various members of society.

Yours faithfully

Joubert le Roux

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