João Manuel Da Silva Neves


Joao Manuel Da Silva Neves


Nice, France

+33 6 43 43 58 57

skype: jmanu001







Professionalism, Autonomy, Reliability, Flexibility, Efficiency, Loyalty

Communication, Team Player, Personality, Discipline, Going the Extra Mile


iOS, Mac OS X, Objective-C


Cocoa, UI, CoreData, CoreImage, CoreAnimation, CoreLocation, MapKit, Printing

Multithreading, Blocks, GCD

Bindings, KVO, XML, JSON

RESTful Services, XPC/DO, BSD Sockets, Bonjour

UML, Agile Methodology, JIRA

Route-Me, AFNetworking

Object-oriented Architecture, Design Patterns

Digital photography, Image Capturing, Image Processing

Java, J2EE

Slack, Trello, Sparkle







VenuVidu • Nice • 2012 – Now

Founder & iOS Developer • Travel Apps

iOS, XCode, Objective-C, CoreData, MapKit, Route-Me


Designer and developer of iOS travel apps

Managed photographers, translators, content producers


Parsing of XML data into CoreData DB

MapKit and custom annotations for online maps                             

Integration of OSM maps and Route-Me framework for offline maps

Routing information through Google JSON apis

Web browsing, emailing, messaging, calendaring, localization




Pinstriped A/S • Copenhagen • 04/2015 – Now

Freelance Software Engineer (Remote) • Office Productivity

Mac OS X, XCode, Objective-C, Storyboards, Auto Layout

GIT, XPC, RESTful, AFNetworking, CocoaPods, Sparkle, Trello, Slack


            Interaction with RESTful services for management of user accounts and user content

Management of user media files on Amazon S3 servers

XPC inter-process communication between application and helper app

Support for analytics & Sparkle updates




Phase One A/S • Copenhagen • 02/2007 – 04/2015

Freelance Software Engineer (Remote) • Pro Digital Photography

Mac OS X, XCode, GIT, JIRA, Agile, Objective-C, Cocoa, CoreData, IPC, Printing


Image asset display, browsing and management

Image job processing pipeline

Image adjustment tools

Custom user interface

Tethered capture: IPC/DO camera communication, capture, live viewing

Printing pipeline: print layouts, color profiles

Interaction with remote iOS devices                      




Eastman Kodak • Boston, MA • 2003 – 2006

Senior Software Engineer • Digital Photography

Mac OS X, XCode, SVN, Objective-C, Cocoa, InterfaceBuilder


Advisor on design patterns, object-oriented programming and Mac OS X

Application’s MVC architecture

Plugin architecture (identification, dispatching, messaging protocols)

Network picture sharing using BSD sockets, Digital Photo Access protocol and Bonjour service discovery

iCloud like synchronization engine between application, online service and devices

Web interfaces to, using XMIs

UML design documents
 (Procter & Gamble) • San Francisco, CA • 2000 – 2002

Software Engineer • E-Commerce

Solaris, J2EE, Java, SQL/Oracle, SunONE, HTML, CVS


Servlets (Java, JDBC) delivering database driven web content

Website performance (multithreading, JDBC)

Automated build and release system that sped up and improved the reliability of the software development process




Apple Computer Inc. • Cupertino, CA • 1997 – 2000

Software Engineer • Developer Tools

Mac OS X, Cocoa, Objective-C


Co-writer of XCode’s initial product requirements

Flexible new user interface and co-designed application architecture

User interface (navigation, running/debugging, source control)

Management of files, groups & breakpoints

Source control (CVS) integration




NeXT Computer Inc. • Redwood City, CA • 1995 – 1997

Software Engineer • Developer Tools

NeXTSTEP, Objective-C


ProjectBuilder’s user experience and stability

Custom GUI widgets for enhanced productivity

Syntax coloring

Debugger front end




Lam Research • Fremont, CA • 1994 – 1995

Software Engineer • Semiconductor Equipment

NeXTSTEP, AppKit, Objective-C


User interface components, libraries and parsers

Vector graphics and animation subsystem for displaying machine state in real-time







Robotics, Real Time Systems • ORT • Strasbourg, France • 1988



Fluent Languages

English, French, Portuguese





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