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Handy: +38 067 774 0140

            Skype: alexander_vasilenko

            EMail:   alexander.vasilenko@gmail.com


Position search:

•           Project manager, technical team lead;

•           Architect and developer of large, complex IT projects;

•           Datawarehouse certified architect, developer;

•           Microservices infrastructure architect, developer;;


Professional qualifications:

            Software engineer with more than 25 years in IT field and solid experience in enterprise information systems development (UNIX/Linux C network programmer, Elasticsearch, Oracle, PL/SQL, SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Google Go, Java, C, UNIX/Linux shells). The most of development experience was gained in projects related to banking, telecommunications (billing, online and offline data processing, inventory management systems).

Experienced in software architecture design and development, object-oriented design, design patterns usage, project management techniques.

A proven technical leader, problem solver. Demonstrated ability in developing robust and cost-effective solutions, meeting tight deadlines. Keeping current with industry trends, best practices and technologies. Excellent written and oral communication skills, good technical writing style. Stress-resistant and customer-oriented.


Overall experience:


Operating systems:

UNIX-es:          HP-UX 11.11, Solaris 5, SCO OpenServer 5.0.2, FreeBSD 3.x-10x;

Linux-es:          RHAS/ES-2.x, Ubuntu 6-14.x, SuSE-4-12;

Windows:         Windows 7/Vista/XP;


RDBMS Oracle (6.0-10g), Elasticsearch, LevelDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis;

Programming languages:

Java, PL/SQL, SQL, C/C++, Python, Google Go, UNIX Shells;


            gRPC, Google Protobuf (v2, v3), etcd, serf, consul

C++ STL (C++11,14 standards), Boost, low level sockets network programming;










Work experience:


N/A (Kiev, Ukraine) Sep, 2015…


            Microservices infrastructure platform


Developing an ecosystem which provides the fundamental building blocks for developing and managing distributed systems. Technology is rapidly evolving. Cloud computing now gives us almost unlimited scale, however leveraging this scale with existing tools is still difficult.


Infrastructure attempts to solve this problem by addressing the key software development requirements. It addresses the key requirements such as service discovery, load balancing, communication, encoding, pub sub. It’s at the core of the micro ecosystem.


Where infrastructure provides the core essentials, the platform as whole goes a step further, addressing every requirement for large scale distributed system deployments. Monitoring, distributed tracing, authentication, dynamic configuration, label based routing, etc.


OS: OSX, Linux

Langs: С/С++(c++11, c++14), Google Go

Databases: Leveldb, Redis, Postgres, MongoDB, Elasticsearch

Tools: Google RPC, Google Protobuf (v2, v3), Serf, Consul, Etcd…


Dune-HD (Kiev, Ukraine) Aug, 2014 – Sep, 2015



SmartTV, P2P-TV Network


            Team, lead, senior C developer for embedded devices


Architectural design of the peer to peer Apple HLS network for the embedded devices based on MIPS and ARM processors.

Tracker asynchronous server design and implementation based on libevent library according to the C10K problem.

STUN/TURN server design and implementation based on RFC5766.

Transparent proxy server design and implementation intended for the embedded devices which implements main business logic of the traffic exchange between P2P network peers.



OS: Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat), FreeBSD, OS/X

Databases: Leveldb, Redis, Postgres, MongoDB

Platforms: Intel, ARM, MIPS32-EL

Languages: C/C++(c++11), Python, Google Go


Hewlett-packard (Sunnyvale, CA, USA) Apr, 2012 – Aug, 2014


            WebOS platform


            Team lead, C/C++/GoLang/Python/MongoDB architect;


·       Develop new accessory product proposals and oversee projects from definition and development through launch and end of life for HP/Palm’s webOS product family.

·       Identify and rollout an overall accessory strategy for HP/Palm’s future webOS product lines

·       Bring forward new and creative accessory product concepts that mesh well with our webOS devices with differentiated and unique experiences

·       Manage the overall accessory business by defining/leading product roadmaps, promotions, ROI’s, forecasting, pricing, and lifecycle planning.

·       Manage the accessory product management team to deliver new and innovative products

·       Develop product positioning in the marketplace utilizing market and technology research and analysis

·       Work closely with the WW sales teams to develop a clear understanding of customer needs and drive to a consensus forecast

·       Manage relationships with 3rd party vendors building accessories for palm as well as identifying and evaluating new potential partners for palm’s accessory business

·       Develop microservices infrastructure design and implementation including d-bus messaging kernel


            Databases: MongoDB 2.2.x

            Platforms: Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (Intel, ARM)

            Languages: C/C++(c++11), Java, Google Go, Python, UNIX shells

            Technologies: gRPC. Google protobuf, serf, etcd, consul




CyberVisionTech (Fort Lee NJ USA, Kiev Ukraine) Oct, 2010 – Mar, 2012


Caching/transparent DNS/HTTP proxy server for Android


Architect, senior C/C++/Java programmer, database developer;


·       System architecture design with C10K requirements;

·       Android DNS proxy server algorithms development;

·       Android DNS proxy server implementation, performance optimization;

·       Java startup dispatchers sequence implementation (Google Android specific);

·       Messaging protocol development (for the dispatchers/managers talks);

·       In memory database development— HTTP/UDP responses storage;

·       Low level multithreading database connections pool development;

·       Low level database prepared statements container development;

·       Java JNI interface development for the specific usage;


·       Databases: MySQL, SQLite, Google LevelDB;

·       Libraries: Android Java SDK, NDK, PNDK, C++ STL, BOOST

·       Platforms: Google Android Linux 2.6.x, Java Dalvik VM, ARM;

·       Languages: C/C++, Java, Python;




CCG (Kiev, Ukraine) Aug, 2007 – Apr, 2010


Financial collection business (сall center)


The team lead, senior Oracle architect, developer;


·       Development system concepts, design and architecture from the scratch;

·       Oracle database architecture development, implementation;

·       Middleware design development, Java JPA layer implementation;

·       WEB based user interface design, partially implementation;


·       Database: RDBMS Oracle 10g (;

·       Technologies: Java2 JDBC, JPA, Hibernate

·       Platforms: LifeRay Portal, RHEL-5.0 x86-64;

·       Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, C/C++, Java, Python;




RedTram (Kiev, Ukraine) Oct, 2006 – Aug, 2007


News search engine


Architect, team lead, senior Oracle developer, C/Python programmer;


·       IT department lead, architector;

·       Databases architecture redesign, migrations;

·       Search engine architecture reimplementation (speed improvements);

·       Development the business logic part of market engine;

·       New releases milestones coordinating;


·       Databases: RDBMS Oracle 9iR2 (, PostgreSQL 7.x;

·       Platforms: CentOS-4.3 x86-64, FreeBSD 5.x x86-64;

·       Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, C/C++, Java;




RAMSIM (Kiev, Ukraine) Jan, 2005 – Oct, 2006



Bonus loyalty system


Architect, senior Oracle DBA/developer;


·       System concepts and architecture design;

·       Technical and financial mechanisms adaptation under Ukrainian laws;

·       Development the concepts and algorithms of the billing kernel;

·       Design and development the document flow system for the backoffice;

·       Development and implementation nonstandard mechanisms of data processing inside the huge database storage OLTP/DWH (Oracle);

·       Network topology design and configuration: Cisco -> DMZ


·       Databases: RDBMS Oracle 9iR2 (;

·       Platforms: CentOS-4.1, RHAS/ES-2.1-4.x, Fedora Core 3 (x86-64);

·       Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, Java, Python, UNIX shells;


Tsunami Media (KIev, Ukraine) Aug, 2003 – Dec, 2004



Content provider integrator


Project team lead, architect, developer


·       System architecture design (hardware platform, database, software);

·       Design and development the system engine, data exchange gate with the partners platforms;

·       Middle tier business logic: J2EE EJB JBoss application server;

·       Billing/reporting system development;

·       Security concepts development, system configuration;


·       Databases: RDBMS Oracle 8i, 9iR2 (, PostgreSQL 7.4.5;

·       Platforms: FreeBSD 4.10, 5.2.1, SuSE Linux 8.0, Fedora Core 2;

·       Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, PL/PgSQL, Java, Python;


IP.NET (Kiev, Ukraine) Dec, 2002 – Jul, 2003


Internet provider billing system.


The lead programmer, architect, developer


·       Redesign the system architecture;

·       Security mechanisms development for the data trasmitting;

·       Unique message protocol development for the subnet nodes data exchange;

·       Development the crypt algorithms for secured data processing;


·       Databases: RDBMS Oracle 8i, PostgreSQL 7.3;

·       Platforms: FreeBSD 4.7, SuSE Linux 8.0 x86-64;

·       Languages: C, SQL, PL/SQL, PL/PgSQL, Java, UNIX shells;




Loyalty Partner GmbH (Muenchen, Germany) Oct, 2001 – Sep, 2002


Bonus Loyalty System


UNIX senior programmer, RDBMS Oracle developer/database designer.


·       Technical negotiations with existing partners regarding stable functioning of data exchange;

·       Design and implementation new business processes (financial data processing);

·       Provision of first-level technical support related to operation of the in-house equipment;

·       Data transfer process analysis and solution of problems that arise with partner enterprises as regards PAYBACK;

·       Co-operation when relocating the PAYBACK computer centre to a new platform;

·       Supervision over business processes related to PAYBACK program;

·       Implementation and support technology processes for PAYBACK financial system – TRX, DieBahn, Shop Order, Signup, Credit Cards transaction processing subsystems;

·       Development and support Oracle PL/SQL packages for a data warehouse database instance;

·       Productive environment management;


Platforms: HP-UX 11.11, SunOS 2.x, SuSE Linux 6.4-8.0

Databases: RDBMS Oracle 8.1.7 (patchset

            Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, C, Java, UNIX ksh

Tools: PL/SQL Developer 5.x, ERWin





The Kiev city administration (Kiev, Ukraine) Nov, 2000 – Aug, 2001


Companies documents workflow (SWECO, HIFAB)


The leading engineer-programmer


·       Negotiations with the customer and requirements document development;

·       Development the concept and creation platform of the project;

·       Development system kernel: structure of a database, ideology of the client;

·       System’s client part design, implementation and support (GUI);

·       Implementation data protection mechanisms from non authorized access;

·       Transformation existing data for their carry on a new platform;


            Platforms: Linux S.u. S.E 6.x – 7.x, Windows NT Server.

            Databases: RDBMS Oracle 8.1.6, InterBase 6.x

Languages: Java2, C/C ++, Pascal


Bank “Municipal” (Zaporozhye, Ukraine) Dec, 1999 – Oct, 2000


The head of IT department;


–        Management the bank’s information system as a whole (hardware/software);

–        Co-ordination the work of bank’s divisions depending of requirements;

–        Development the modules for confidential information protection;

–        Administrator OS UNIX, RDBMS Oracle;


·       Databases: RDBMS Oracle8i, PostgreSQL, MySQL;

·       Operation systems: SCO, SunOS, FreeBSD, Linux;

·       Communication protocols: TCP/IP, SNMP, NNTP, X.25, NetBEUI, IPX/SPX;

·       Network services: DNS, Sendmail, Samba, LDAP …;

·       Programming languages: C/C ++, Java, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX shells;



Bank “Metallurg” (Zaporozhye, Ukraine) Jun, 1996 – Dec, 1999


June, 1996 – August, 1997 – the leading engineer-programmer;

September, 1997 – December, 1999 – the leading engineer-programmer of security department;


·       Software development within the current projects;

·       Ideology development and software implementation for a staff department;

·       Ideology development and implementation “Client-bank” system;

·       Development and support software for protecting confidential information;

·       Configuration and support bank’s network, monitoring;


            Platforms: FreeBSD 2, SCO UNIX 3.2v4.2, RedHat Linux;

            Databases: Oracle 7.1, Informix 7.xx, PostgreSQL 6.5.x, MySQL 3.2x.xx;

            Languages: C/C ++, Java, SQL, PL/SQL, Pascal, UNIX shells;




Conto (Zaporozhye, Ukraine) Jun, 1992 – May, 1996


June, 1992 – August, 1994 – the engineer-programmer of the second category;

August, 1994 – May, 1996 – the engineer-programmer of the first category;


·       Network topology creation and local network (Novell) administration;

·       Development library modules for the projects developed by the company;

·       Service programs development and drivers for non-standard devices;

·       Administration and support existing clients (software/hardware);


·       Databases: FoxPro 2.x, Betrieve;

·       Operation systems: Xenix, SCO UNIX, MSDOS;

·       Communication protocols: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX;

·       Programming languages: Assembler, C, SQL



1982 – 1986 Institute of radio electronics, Zhitomir, Ukraine.


1986 – 1989 Institute of the food-processing industry, Kiev, Ukraine.

  Manufacture automation.


Additional investigations


According to a market  favour and my work experience  in content-provider structures I’ve been investigating  SyncML protocol/technology (Specifications: 1.0.1, 1.1) since middle of 2004 year.

The goal of a common synchronization protocol is symmetric. It would connect any to any, over any network. That is, it would:

·       Synchronize networked data with any mobile device;

·       Synchronize a mobile device with any networked data;

The data synchronization protocol would synchronize networked data with many different devices, including handheld computers, mobile phones, automotive computers, and desktop PCs. A user could access and manipulate the same set of data from different devices.

As a result at this time I’ve a possibility to synchronize my mobile telephone’s ‘address book’, ‘calendar’ and ‘notes’ in test mode through the Internet to some external IP..



May 1999 Tekmetrics Certificate; UNIX Administrator

May 1999 Tekmetrics Certificate; Linux Administrator

May 1999 Tekmetrics Certificate; C Programmer

July 2000 BrainBench Certificate; UNIX Administrator

July 2000 BrainBench Certificate; C Programmer

July 2002 BrainBench Certificate; Linux Administrator


Opened visas:

            USA: B1/B2 valid from Feb 04, 2013 till Jan 31, 2018


Personal data

The marital status:        Married

Foreign languages:      English, Russian, Ukrainian

The driver’s license:      Category B

 // EOF


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