Tajana Lautar


Senior Consultant, Project Manager


I hold a master’s degree in IT and have 5+ years of experience in BI field. Howerver, since the beginning of my professional career I have constantly been given opportunities to be a team lead (teams of 2-12 team members), and manage IT projects. Since I felt very comfortable in both roles (being a BI expert and project manager), I started to lean towards the project management side of IT industry.

During my working years, I’ve been holding various roles working as an engineer, team lead, consultant and project manager always in a cross-functional and multicultural teams from all around the globe (USA, Europe, North Africa). The last two years I’ve been working for one BI company, where I am the youngest person ever to be on a project manager position.

I’m particularly proud of working on a new hybrid project methodology for managing data warehouse and BI projects. I’ve been introducing this new methodology to new projects in the current company which shortens delivery time for ~30%.

My next ideal working position would be working from home for BI project with one week per month of on-site work if needed.

Please find my CV attached and see if my knowledge and skills suits some of your open positions.





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To contact this candidate email lautartajana5@gmail.com

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