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C++ Developer


C++ Developer resume.


Name: Hundych Arthur Vladimirovich

Date of Birth: 2nd January 1989


Country: Ukraine

City: Kharkiv

Skype: ragnarekx

Mobile phone: +380988599706
I am competent software engineer with 5 years’ experience designing, programming and testing software across a variety of platforms. I have worked on numerous projects from concept to completion. A specialist in C++, I take pride in coding to consistently high standards and regularly refresh my skills to ensure I keep up with ongoing developments. I also have experience in C#.
Skills Summary
·       Languages : C++ / C, C++/CX, C#, XAML, GLSL(OpenGL Shading Language), HTML, Java,  Java Script

·       Libraries/Frameworks:  WinAPI, QT, STL, BOOST, SQLite, libJSON, Google test, Google Mock, MySQL, TBB, C++ Web toolkit, Curl, OpenCV, NSIS (installer framework), WTL, COM, Ogre3D, OpenGL, Android NDK, WinRT (Windows store application for Windows 8), Unity game engine, Unreal game engine, Bullet physics library, libtorrent.

·       Concepts: OOA/OOD (UML, Design Patterns, Refactoring), Multithreading/Multiprocessing, Networking, game development.

·       Software: Visual Studio, Eclipse, Unity, Unreal, Mercurial, SVN, GIT, Jira

• 2006 – 2011 Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics
Programming Systems & Software Engineering

Master’s degree
Employment History
Nix solutions
• Develop multi-threaded C++ windows based applications.

1.    Applications for recovering and improving windows capabilities (driver searcher, register cleaner etc.)

2.    Medical application for analyzing MRI images.

3.    Qt cross-platform applications for Windows and Linux.

4.    Windows store application (for Windows 8) based on C++/CX and XAML.

• Game development based on Unity and Unreal engines.
• Android development based on NDK with using OpenGL ES.


Professional Experience

I would like to introduce you a few applications, where I was a part of developer team, or led all development process on my own.

1)    Chinese checkers computer game for Windows application store. Based on the C++/CX and XAML.

2)    Sudoku computer game for Windows application store. Based on the C++/CX and XAML.

3)    Application for searching new drivers on the Internet and updating old drivers on a computer.

4)    Smart menu. The application injects the “Start” button in the bottom left corner for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. The application includes all possibilities and features of the “Start” button in Windows 7 and has advanced search system. The search system provides searching on your PC and on the Internet. Application was written on C++. In addition Qt and WinAPI were applied.

5)    Okozo Desktop transforms the static desktop backgrounds of Windows Vista & Windows 7 into interactive, animated, low resource worlds of creativity. Application was written on C++. WTL and WinAPI were used also.

6)    Medical application. The application was ordered from one of the USA clinic. The main feature of the application is monitoring the convalescent process for people who have a cancer. The application gives very useful tools to analyze MRI slices, fill information about threat process, and make statistics. As result, a doctor is able to find most appropriate treatment. Application was written on C++. Qt and OpenGL were used also.

7)    Module for Android application. The module gives possibilities to customize photo or video captured from camera for android devices. The customization includes: drawing geometric objects, text and lines above photo or video, applying different filters based on shaders, applying images above video and photo. Application was written on C++. NDK and OpenGL ES were used also.

8)    Web browser based on the chromium sources, which includes torrent features. User is able to download any files via embedded torrent tracker with useful UI based on the Chromium WebUI.


Additional  information
I am living in Ukraine, but I am ready to change my residence. Unfortunately, I have only travel visa (B-1), and looking for a way to make work visa (H1B).


2006 – 2011

Master's degree at Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics



C++ developer at Nix solutions

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