We are partnering with a technology and managed services provider for the financial services and legal industries. They build next-generation business process automation and data analytics solutions for a variety of applications including workflow, AI, machine learning and robotic process automation software.

The Role

We are looking for a Senior Fullstack JavaScript Engineer to join an experienced engineering team, to build out new web services, and UI projects, and to help maintain and support existing projects.

We are looking for candidates who are as comfortable writing high-performance REST APIs, and handling complex data entities and rules, as
they are building front-end assets, styling UI elements and debugging Internet Explorer issues.

The term “fullstack” for them means a self-sufficient JavaScript web developer with solid, proven commercial experience in all aspects of web application delivery:
✔️ Writing performant and secure backend API services
✔️ Understanding and managing server load and service health
✔️ Building UI pages according to a design spec, and with a good understanding of common UX principles
✔️ Being able to setup and work with various development environments and OS/browser configurations for UI testing and development
✔️ Writing client-side application code to interact with backend services, and interact with browser DOM and UI elements
✔️ Building custom UI components, as well as making best use of framework components
✔️ Writing unit and integration tests for both backend and front-end code
✔️ Working collaboratively within a GitHub branch workflow, merging code and resolving conflicts
✔️ Writing both internal and client-facing documentation

The term “senior” to us, means:
✔️ Having solid, proven, commercial experience in all aspects of web application delivery
✔️ Being able to understand and discuss technical and business requirements
✔️ Taking ownership of their work – not leaving responsibility to “someone else”
✔️ Being able to effectively communicate with stakeholders, developers, system administrators, and clients alike
✔️ Having a “do whatever it takes” attitude towards problem-solving and also to project delivery
✔️ Understand the wider impact of their work on the team, project timeline, and broader business goals
✔️ Understanding the importance of web security, and how to implement it in all levels of a web application
✔️ Having enough knowledge of data stores to be able to optimise slow-running queries, and apply proper indexing strategies

You will report directly to the Project Lead, who will review your work, indirectly to the CTO who will govern technical strategy, and your delivery and priorities will be managed by the project manager. You will work with our existing JavaScript team, to ensure your work follows a consistent and standard approach. You will also work alongside system administrators, DBAs, Java and PHP developers at some point during your work.


  • You should be a hard-working, meticulous individual who pays attention to detail. You should have solid technical ability, demonstrated commercially. You should be a clear communicator, a good listener, able to discuss technical concerns professionally with clients, and non-technical team members. You will be expected to follow specifications and instructions closely, and document your work where required.
  • You should be able to work carefully under pressure, adhere to timelines, and as a senior technician you will be expected to take full ownership of your work.
  • Your 5+ years of commercial JavaScript web development should have made you familiar with the challenges faced when building highly available, performant and scalable web applications. You should also be security-focused, meticulous in nature and have the seniority to ask the right questions, organise your work effectively, fill in any gaps and prioritise properly.
  • Your coding standard should be as impeccable as your ability to work to standards given to you – and your coding style demonstrating your seniority in JavaScript development.
  • You will have worked commercially at least once with a distributed microservice architecture, giving you hands-on experience in; horizontal scaling, database connection management, impact under burst loads, and an understanding of the importance of the Single Responsibility Principle (SRP).
  • Above all – you should be commercially-minded and delivery-focused. While being a technical purist is admirable, this should be balanced out with a “can-do, will-do” attitude.

Tech Stack includes:

  • JavaScript: Native JavaScript, JavaScript with Webpack, Unit and Integration testing, ESLint, NodeJS templating library (e.g. Handlebars), Vue.js
  • Backend: Node, Express, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, PassportJS, REST API Knowledge, ORM or database adaptors (Sequelize, Node-Postgres, Node-MongoDB)
  • Frontend: Responsive CSS framework (Preferably Bootstrap), HTML5, CSS, SASS, jQuery, Grunt, Karma, Mocha, Chai, Selenium
  • Workflow: Git, Github, OAuth2, JWT
  • Administration: Postman, Jira, Confluence, SSH, Linux (CentOS), Commands

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