As part of  their expansion, my client are looking for talented frontend engineers with a passion for developing cutting-edge API driven javascript applications.

They are a team of engineers, with a deep respect for the quality of experience that can be achieved with modern browsers, and love the challenge of getting into the details with this complex and rewarding technology stack.

As a company with a strong focus on technology, the company supports its engineers with conference attendance, technical literature & books, and 100% your choice of hardware & OS to work on. You can setup your workspace to fit your working requirements, and our office team is there to make this happen for you.

The frontend stack has been developed at its core with a node.js based project that uses the same modular application to render pages both on the client and the server with a very clean and test-backed software architecture. As part of the team, you would have a strong say in both the direction and spirit of the project as it continues to be rolled out in more countries, and across more platforms.

Your skills:

  • Vanilla Javascript (ES5+)
  • Asynchronous coding
  • Backbone
  • CommonJS module patterns
  • TDD with mocha, sinon
  • CSS3 (Animations, Transitions..)
  • Comfortable with *nix command line

Bonus points:

  • js experience
  • React and/or react-like frameworks experience
  • Working with streams
  • Promises
  • Redis experience
  • Functional Programming experience in any language
  • Functional Reactive Programming experience (bacon.js, rxjs)

We they offer you:

  • Start-up atmosphere: Kicker, Video games and parties.
  • Constant opportunities to grow and develop your skills
  • Nice work environment and English as a working language.
  • Experience working with a well-known consumer brand in the UK.
  • For applicants from abroad: we offer free German lessons.

Are you up for working in a dynamic team with people from 40 different countries? Great! Please apply with complete documents in English – including CV and cover letter.


PLease call for details or send CV today !

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