This positions is with an analytics startup in Berlin who are looking for a Backend Engineer with Scala or Python skills for the following position:

What you’ll be doing

Data processing is our bread and butter, and you’re going to be the chef.

We have dozens of Spark jobs, both simple and complex, organised into pipelines. We have machine learning models already running or awaiting productionisation. Don’t worry, our infrastructure is already in a good shape with Kubernetes, Spark clusters running on Google Cloud and AWS, 100% dockerisation and a high degree of automation.

If you’re keen on process automatisation, working with machine learning models at scale, solving really complex tasks in a distributed manner and writing small but mighty services, we’re a good place for you.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Support and continuous enhancement of data processing pipelines running on Spark clusters
  • Productionisation of machine learning models developed by data scientists
  • Coding new features in Python or Scala for existing services or creating new ones
  • Maintaining and improving CI/CD processes — be it Jenkins or Kubernetes schedulers

Our tech stack

Scala, Python, Spark, Luigi, YARN, Jupyter, Docker, Kubernetes, Kafka, Elasticsearch, MongoDB, AWS, Data Science: Sklearn, Keras, TF, Pymc3

What we’re looking for from you

  • Vast experience coding in Scala or Python
  • In-depth knowledge of Spark and big-data ecosystems
  • General knowledge of devops culture and familiarity with one of the deployment frameworks (understanding Kubernetes is a big plus)
  • Good working English (don’t worry – German is not required)
  • Drive to get things done – you burst through obstacles in your way and don’t mind lending a hand when the team needs it
  • Curiosity to think about the big picture and learn new technologies

How we are different

  • We’re a relatively early-stage startup, which is honestly the most fun time. It’s when the big decisions get made and the most interesting problems need to be solved. It also means things stay varied and interesting
  • Our product requires a few great people rather than many good ones. Joining our team will give you lots of opportunities to shape the company from the early days on
  • We believe in keeping people happy, and in our experience that means two things: giving you as much responsibility as you can take and making sure you have opportunities to learn new skills and technologies
  • We’re experienced: between us we’ve founded a Y Combinator startup, built the technology for an advertising bidding platform, founded a tech hedge fund and worked at McKinsey
  • Tech and data insights are our core business, not just a fashionable side project
  • We are all applied scientists – everything we do is data-driven
  • We have a world-class team of angels and advisors to help us on our mission

We have great benefits

  • Help with visa & residency
  • Flexible working hours
  • Startup energy
  • Competitive salary
  • Centrally located in Berlin
  • Small, passionate team of extraordinary people
  • Very competitive salary

Call for details or send CV today for consideration ! 

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