This is a working opportunity for my fantastic client based in London who are looking for 3 Ruby On Rails Developers

They are a fast growing technology company based in the heart of London. Their flagship product, is an award winning solution.

About the product :

The product is a Rails 3.2.x application with MySQL, ElasticSearch, Redis and Memcached.

Coffeescript is used too for some of the frontend. The code base has a nice test suite that is
maintained and updated as part of the development process.

Why we recruit :
We are building a platform to support millions of Customers. In order to do that, we need incredible people to join our team and play a
meaningful role in developing our technology and scaling our infrastructure.

Who we recruit :

We are looking for a mid level to senior Ruby developer with a solid understanding of Ruby and Rails.

There will be many technical challenges on the backend of the product, as well as from the ops perspective (SaltStack, cloud based infrastructure, CI services, …).

Someone with a diverse background is appreciated. We would expect you to be autonomous (able to prioritize tasks) and battle trained to some extent (will not panic in crisis time).  Having an understanding of how to relate to customer needs would also be an advantage.

Why you would be interested :
The company is young and the product is growing fast : there is a lot to do in the upcoming year so a lot to bring to the table and work on. It’s a great opportunity to join a team after the infancy stage in the “teen” years : the product works, is stable and a good growth is ongoing. Growth problems, scalability, quality, monitoring, metrics are at the core of the tasks to be taken care of The hard part of bringing the product to life is done, the hard part of keeping it alive and make it work for millions of users is now upon us. Expect to play a meaningful role on the design,architecture and building of these next steps.

Work amenities
The company will provide you with whatever hardware you need, 20 days working holiday, beers every friday, a great company culture and the opportunity to be part of something that is going to make a meaningful difference to millions of users.

Positions are all London based. No remote application please!

Please call for details or send CV today to be considered

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