One of our Amazing startup clients is looking for a Fully Remote Dutch-speaking  Responsible Gambling (RG) Analyst, you are responsible for a number of crucial tasks.

Here are some of the key responsibilities you could be assigned to as an RG Analyst in support of our mission to best protect our players and provide a safe playing environment.

Duties and responsibilities of a Responsible Gambling Analyst are:

  • Supporting RG policies: You are responsible for supporting policies and procedures aimed at promoting responsible gambling within the organization. This includes monitoring the application of player identification guidelines, betting and losing limits, and measures to protect vulnerable players.
  • Analyzing gambling behavior: As an RG analyst you are responsible for analyzing data and trends regarding players’ gambling behavior.
  • Through data analysis, you identify risky patterns and trends that may indicate problematic gambling behavior, allowing you to take proactive measures to mitigate these risks.
  • Evaluate and report: You continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the applied RG measures and programs and report on this to management. This includes providing detailed reports on the impact of RG initiatives, identifying areas for improvement and making recommendations for future actions.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders: You will work closely with internal stakeholders, such as management, compliance departments and customer service teams, as well as external stakeholders such as regulators, to ensure that RG policies meet legal requirements and best practices.

Overall, as an RG analyst you are responsible for ensuring a safe and ethical gambling environment, where players are protected from the risks of problematic gambling and where responsible gambling behavior is encouraged


As a Responsible Gaming Analyst, there are several competencies that are essential for effectively performing the position. Here are some important competencies:

  • Knowledge of gambling addiction and behavioral analysis: You must have an in-depth understanding of gambling addiction, including its psychological and social aspects. This enables you to recognize behavioral patterns that indicate problematic gambling behavior.
  • Analytical skills: The ability to analyze data and identify trends is crucial. This can mean sifting through large amounts of data to discover anomalous patterns.
  • Knowledge of regulations: A good understanding of the regulations surrounding gambling is important to ensure that the company complies with all legal requirements regarding responsible gambling.
  • Communication skills: You must be able to communicate effectively with various stakeholders including players, customer support, management and regulatory authorities. This includes the ability to convey difficult messages in a respectful and understandable manner.
  • Empathy: The ability to be empathetic towards players who may be experiencing problem gambling is critical. This includes understanding their situation, feelings and needs, and providing support and guidance.
  • Decision Making Skills: You must be able to make decisions quickly and effectively, especially when it comes to implementing measures to tackle problematic gambling behaviour.
  • Collaboration: The ability to work effectively with other teams within the company, such as customer service, compliance and marketing, is important to ensure a holistic approach to responsible gambling.
  • Self-Control and Integrity: As a Responsible Gaming Analyst, you must maintain a high level of self-control and integrity as you work with sensitive information and vulnerable players.
  • Problem-solving skills: You must be able to come up with creative solutions to the challenges you face in promoting responsible gambling and addressing problematic gambling behavior.

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