We are currently recruiting for a Frontend Lead for one of our very interesting startup clients with offices in PAris who specialise in Analytics and Data Science for Engineer, please see more details below on the positions or send CV for consideration: 

As the Lead Software Engineer of the Webapp you can expect to have a big impact in shaping the product.

You will have the opportunity to work alongside our highly skilled team to design, build, and iterate on a world-class software web application.

You are expected to own the frontend and to contribute to user experience decisions. We are developers building a product for other developers and we build our product with a sense of pride and ownership.

You will be in a collaborative environment where you will work closely together with product and engineering to understand user needs, and discuss new ideas to solve complex problems.


  • Own the web application which is a critical and customer-facing part of the product
  • Be the technical lead of the Webapp team
  • Implement beautiful UI & great UX of a data-centric product with the end-user perspective in mind
  • Understand customers’ needs and propose ideas and discuss solutions collaborating with the other engineering teams, product & design

Skills & Experience


  • Full professional proficiency in English, written and spoken. The ability to communicate comes first, no matter the level of technical skills.
  • Very strong frontend coding skills (JavaScript/Typescript + ReactJS with functional components)
  • Very strong experience with Web Standards (HTML5, CSS3)
  • Strong experience with data manipulation
  • Strong experience with writing React functional components that are reusable, high-performant, testable, and high-performant
  • Strong experience with the frontend ecosystem & tooling (ESlint, Prettier, Webpack, etc.)
  • Strong experience in building and improving an API client
  • Experience with CSS-in-JS (EmotionJS)
  • Experience with improving client-side performance with in-memory responses caching, persistent caching on local storage, parallelism, etc.
  • Experience with building complex dashboards (filters, etc.) and data visualizations (histograms, time series, donut charts, etc.) using charting libraries
  • Experience with building and improving an API server (NodeJS)
  • Experience with Docker not limited to the basic commands (multi-stage builds, layers caching optimization, networking, etc.) and docker-compose
  • Experience with bash scripting
  • Experience with different API interfaces (REST, GraphQL, etc.)
  • Experience with continuous integration and deployment (Github Actions, etc.)
  • Experience with relational databases (Postgres) and common operations (backup, restore, etc.)
  • Experience with web servers and their configuration (Nginx)
  • Experience with different testing frameworks for unit-tests, integration-tests, e2e tests (Cypress, snapshot testing, etc.)
  • Experience with debugging and troubleshooting on a remote server
  • Experience with Git workflows
  • Experience with collaborating with different types of stakeholders (Product, Engineering, etc.)
  • Familiarity with cloud computing concepts (load balancing, scalability, port-forwarding, etc.)
  • Familiarity with basic mathematical & statistical concepts (median, percentiles, etc.)


  • Strong experience with lodash
  • Strong experience with building complex dashboards and data visualizations with ReactJS
  • Strong experience with Docker and docker-compose
  • Strong experience with bash scripting
  • Strong experience with continuous integration and deployment
  • Strong experience with Cypress and visual regression testing
  • Strong experience with Git workflows
  • Experience with implementing a type-safe and tested components library along with Storybook
  • Experience with cloud computing concepts
  • Experience with IaaS (GCP)
  • Experience with leading a distributed team
  • Having worked remotely
  • Having worked in a dynamic start-up environment
  • Having worked on a SaaS product
  • Having used modern collaboration tooling (Jira, GitHub, Slack, Zoom, etc.)


  • Responsible and professional
  • Independent, goal-oriented, proactive attitude
  • Disciplined and communicative in remote environments
  • Collaborative and with a strong team-spirit
  • Curious and interested in learning new things

Hiring process

The hiring process is composed by multiple steps:

  1. Screening Interview
  2. Technical Assessment project
  3. Technical Interview + Q&A + Manager Interview
  4. Communication of the outcome
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