We are currently partnering with one of our Berlin-based clients that are looking for a Senior Frontend Developer for the below position.  This role requires someone to work onsite 1-2 days per week and the rest of the time from home. 

Please see below for more details:

You will be working on the development of our ad verification solution, which runs on billions of devices each day. Additionally, you would work on our customer & support portal and also on internal tools and frameworks. We work in cross-functional teams of backend, frontend and data engineers, product managers as well as quality assurance and DevOps experts.

  • Develop, deploy and maintain new user-facing features
  • Translate designs and wireframes into high-quality code
  • Build reusable components and front-end libraries for future use
  • Take end to end responsibility of tasks/modules/features assigned from understanding the requirement, designing, implementation and unit testing
  • Work with other developers across the development team on the implementation of common frameworks and solutions
  • Be a tandem partner to the chapter lead and provide technical leadership in frontend development

Required skills and experience 

  • Minimum 3 years of relevant experience with frontend technologies – JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Familiar in working with frameworks like React/Vue/Angular/Backbone/Ampersand
  • Experience in working with RESTful APIs
  • Sound debugging skills using tools like browser’s developer tools, Fiddler, Wire-Shark, Postman etc.
  • You are familiar with unit testing frameworks such as Jasmine or Karma
  • Knowledge of version control systems – Git or SVN
  • Familiar with continuous integration and build tools like Jenkins, Webpack or Gulp
  • Experience with working in an agile development environment would be a plus
  • Stay current on new technologies as they relate to web application development
  • Highly motivated to work with our team in our Berlin office and are Fluent in English

More information:  

  • Candidates need to have previous experience with Vanilla JavaScript and React 
  • 60-70% of the Development is done with React.js 
  • Mainly Development work rather than refactoring 

Tech Stack 

We use a variety of different technologies, frameworks and programming languages to be able to fit our needs and ideas. This includes classical programming frameworks as Spring Boot, React, Backbone, Ampersand as well as Big Data solutions like the Hadoop Eco System together with Spark and Kafka. Naturally those work well together with JavaScript, Java, Scala and Python but we also speak other languages, like Perl and Go.
Our backend and warehousing solutions reach from classical RDBMs to in-memory databases and distributed solutions as CouchDB and ElasticSearch.
Last but not least, we have a bunch of other technologies in production or waiting for them to be, among them OpenShift, SOA, NodeJS, Docker, Jenkins, Nginx + Lua.

This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to work for a growing company with leading-edge technology and great staff benefits.

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