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At Versatile we place the best people; who are passionate about what they do; are renowned in their market place and maintain the highest level of professional conduct.
We are good listeners, helpful, and impartial. When you register with us, our friendly staff will guide you through the acceptance and subsequent recruitment process.

Our services to you

The following services are FREE of CHARGE to you:

  • Versatile will review your CV with you to ensure your skills and attributes are clearly identified, optimising your opportunity to secure the job of your choice.
  • Versatile will listen closely to your job expectations, and explore with you what your experience and qualifications might allow you to consider doing.
  • Versatile will suggest potential employers or specific jobs that we feel might be of interest to you.
  • Versatile will introduce you to potential employers and secure interviews for you.
  • Please note that we respect the need for confidentiality at all times, and will only reveal your identity to a potential employer with your permission.
  • At all stages of the recruitment process, you will be kept fully informed. Before you attend any interviews, we will give you an in-depth brief about the company and the job role, and we will give you some useful hints and tips on interview techniques, and likely questions that may come your way.
  • Following interview(s), you will be given direct and open feedback on your performance (wherever possible whether positive or negative!

Our Service Delivery Pledge to you

We promise our candidates that:

  • Versatile will approach our work ethically, with integrity, providing a knowledgeable and professional service
  • Versatile will always try to get you the best daily rate or annual salary.
  • Versatile will work with you to clearly identify your needs and provide the right position for you
  • Versatile will always give you feedback where possible whether negative or positive!

Areas of Capability:

Please Contact Us for more information to arrange a free Consultation or CV evaluation

Alternatively please Send CV to arrange a chat on current and future opportunities in confidence.

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